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Reducing my anxiety levels
Reducing my anxiety
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Discover the ideal supplements for your health with myProtocol. Tailor your supplementation using our AI-driven research tools, which is fully proprietary and entirely independent from chatGPT.

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Optimize your athletic performance with myProtocol. Our AI-powered platform helps manage and enhance your training and recovery through targeted supplementation strategies.

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Enhance your clients' health with customized supplement plans using myProtocol. Find supplements for your clients using our AI nutritionist trained on over 500,000 academic papers.

All you need to optimize your wellness.

We don't use chatGPT to generate supplement recommendations, our AI is 100% proprietary.

1. Personalized Supplement Creation

AI-Driven Supplement Protocols

myProtocol's AI is trained on hundreds of thousands of the best academic studies, providing 100% research backed recommendations.

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Scientifically Validated. Our AI is meticulously trained on over 250,000 highly cited academic papers, and is no way tied to GPT architecture.

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Optimized Recommendations. Receive a prioritized list of effective supplements, specifically tailored to address your health concerns.

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Expert-Reviewed. Every recommendation is scrutinized by leading nutritionists, blending AI precision with human expertise.

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2. Comprehensive Supplement Management

Streamline Your Supplement Routine

Intuitive dashboard designed for seamless management of your personal health supplements.

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Supplement Tracking. Effortlessly monitor your daily supplement intake, ensuring consistency and discipline in your health regimen.

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Diverse Protocol Management. Manage various supplement stacks, from enhancing mental clarity to boosting physical vitality.

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Protocol Sharing. Easily share your custom supplement plans with others, or assist friends in developing their own health protocols.

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3. In-Depth Supplement Research

Empower Your Decisions with AI Insights

Access comprehensive, AI-driven analyses to make informed choices about your supplements.

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Consensus Analysis. Navigate conflicting research with AI-generated consensus, simplifying complex scientific discussions.

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Side Effect Insights. Understand potential side effects with our detailed analysis, ensuring safe and informed supplement use.

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Comprehensive Supplement Knowledge. Gain a deep understanding of each supplement, from benefits to contraindications, for a holistic health approach.

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Loved by wellness enthusiasts.

You shouldn't be using AIs like chatGPT to discover supplementation plans, our AI is 100% independent from GPT and has a 0% hallucination rate.

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I found it really hard to find the right literature. The fact myProtocol has its own AI trained on thousands of academic papers and is not powered by chatGPT gives my confidence in the recommendations.

Alexandra Johnson

Supplement Enthusiast

Alexandra Johnson
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myProtocol helped me to perform at my best in the gym. I love the fact I could go through all the literature associated with taking DHEA for my gym performance.

Thomas Miller

Semi-Professional Athlete @UCL

Thomas Miller
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I used myProtocol to get better info on Spirulina and CoQ10, which helped me make some really good supplementation decisions that made me feel so much better health. It's like having a nutritionist in my pocket.

Sarah Gomez

Wellness Blogger @Healthline

Sarah Gomez
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As a nutritionist, I use myProtocol to recommend and manage my clients supplementation. It precisely blends AI with scientific research, with everything backed up by evidence.

Dr. Samantha Lee

Certified Nutritionist @BrownSugar

Dr. Samantha Lee
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I transformed my health with myProtocol. I used their recommendations to find Rhodiola and L-Theanine which have massivley reduced my anxiety.

James Turner

Health Enthusiast

James Turner
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Effective, user-friendly supplementation from myProtocol. Supplements like Vitamin D and Ashwagandha have been game-changers for me.

Michael Roberts

Fitness Blogger

Michael Roberts

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

Does myProtocol personalize supplement protocols?

Yes, we use our own AI, trained on hundreds of thousands of academic papers, to analyze your health goals and create personalized supplement protocols. We do not use chatGPT.

How does the AI choose supplements?

Our AI 1) finds the top literature related to your query 2) finds what supplements these papers recommend and 3) evaluates the literature based on citation count and other factors.

Can I view the research behind supplement recommendations?

Absolutely. Each supplement in your protocol includes supporting academic literature.

Where do I buy the recommended supplements?

We provide links to Amazon for each supplement. You can also export an order list for local purchases.

Is there support for tracking supplement intake?

Yes, our dashboard lets you easily track and manage your daily supplement intake.

How often are the AI recommendations updated?

We continuously update our AI with the latest research to ensure up-to-date recommendations.

Can myProtocol help with specific health goals?

Sure, whether it's boosting energy or improving sleep, our AI tailors protocols to your goals.

Is there a mobile app for myProtocol?

Currently, we're web-based, but a mobile app is in the works for easier access on-the-go.

How does myProtocol handle data privacy?

Your privacy is paramount. We use secure encryption and never share your data without consent.